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Why is Shopify the best
E-Commerce platform?

Code is good at Code. And Shopify. As one of the few certified Shopify Plus Partners in the EU, we develop professional online stores with Shopify software that realise revenue and growth from the very start. Our projects range from young E-Commerce companies that want to start selling online to Enterprise solutions for major brands like O'Neill and MR MARVIS.

Shopify x Code

Why Shopify?

Do you want to start a new webshop or are you facing challenges with your current E-Commerce platform? Shopify might be the best solution.

An online store with Shopify software is a subscription to professional webshop software, in the form of a hosted e-commerce platform. The benefits:

  • Low monthly fee (from 29 euro per month)
  • Including safe and reliable hosting
  • Low entry cost
  • Unlimited bandwidth and products
  • Responsive
  • No ageing of the software
  • Smooth integration with external systems
  • Google Analytics
  • Supports all common payment methods
  • Delivery can be done in a matter of weeks!
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Migrate your existing store

Are you dissatisfied with the software you use for your existing webshop? Is it outdated, not responsive or does it simply does not match your scale anymore? In that case Shopify is a perfect new start. Our experts can migrate your online store from Magento, WooCommerce, Lightspeed or any other platform to a professional Shopify store. Code ensures a complete migration of customers, products and everything that goes with it.

Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus is created for large scale businesses. An E-Commerce solution that grows with your company. Stop worrying about IT and just focus on what you are good at. Code and Shopify will take care of the rest.

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