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Serious Watches sells quality wristwatches since 2011, both online and offline. The company selects its brands based on quality and design, and aims to set itself apart for its quality, price and personal service. "We intentionally keep our collection small, to ensure that we can offer our products with full conviction and won't become a mere boxpusher."

Serious Watches
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Migrate the existing webshop from Magento 1.7 to Shopify

Serious Watches came to CODE during an extensive platform-search, which they had started after Magento announced the release of a version 2.0 in 2015.

This prompted the people behind Serious Watches to consider their options. The new version of Magento would be radically different from version 1.7, which powered the Serious Watches webshop at that time. So different in fact, that updating to 2.0 was essentially the same as replatforming. To make matters worse, continuing with version 1.7 was not an option, because Magento would no longer support it with updates.

What to do? They decided to ask around with various parties: what was available in terms of webshop platforms, what were the pro's and cons of a Magento update, should they update to Magento 2.0 or was it smarter to migrate to another platform? When it became clear that a Magento update would cost around 50K, the choice to migrate was easily made.

When Shopify came into view as an alternative, the choice for CODE was made just as easily. Not only was CODE one of few Dutch agencies with the required expertise, they also offered a better price than the competition.

For Serious Watches it was important to ensure visual continuity, because customers were used to the existing layout. We were perfectly able to do this, by adding custom code to the basic Shopify theme. Since August 2017 the new webshop is online: have a look here!

Are you interested in replatforming from Magento to Shopify? You might want to read our blog about Magento-migrations here.


  • Magento migration
  • Shopify setup
  • Theme customization
  • Data & Products import
  • SEO


  • Shopify
  • Liquid


  • Shopify webshop
  • Magento migratie
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CODE’s experience with both the Magento and Shopify platform meant the migration was relatively hassle-free, deadlines were met and the whole process was very pleasant.

Have to migrate too? We’d love to think along!

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