They don’t stay small forever

Watch your business grow up fast with Shopify Plus!

Shopify Plus, isn’t that for superginormous webshops only? Yes, but before they became whopping huge, they were small. The magic word here is not ‘big’, but ‘growth’. Controlled growth, without tripping over everything that comes with it, is an art. And Shopify Plus the best tool to make it happen. All the lovely features you know from Shopify, and then some!

Do you have the ambition to seriously scale your webshop?

Shopify Plus gives you access to a range of features to streamline the process.

Is your sales volume so large you’re growing out of your current platform?

Shopify Plus gives you all the extra’s you need to sustainably and flexibly scale your business.

Are you planning to go international, or do you need a multichannel solution?

Shopify Plus lets you manage several clones of your webshop alongside each other.

With Shopify Plus you get more!

  • Access to exclusive apps such as Scripts, Launchpad, and Flow, to streamline your business and accelerate your growth.
  • Your own contact at Shopify, the Merchant Success Manager.
  • Reduced merchant service fees with the lowest possible credit card rate offered by Shopify Payments.
  • Peace of mind! The Plus Support Desk makes you a VIP and is available day and night.
  • Up to 9 clones of your webshop. That way you can sell in different currencies and/or countries, or run a B2B as well as a B2C webshop.
  • Access to the exclusive Plus Facebook group, where you can collaborate with fellow high-end merchants.

CODE is Shopify Plus Partner

Shopify has invited CODE to join a select group of international partners. This means that, as one of the few Shopify experts in the EU, we have advanced access to new features. Our easy communication with Shopify headquarters allows us to collaborate directly with Shopify engineers, to tailor any new functionality to your needs.

You don’t become a Shopify Plus Partner for nothing, of course. We’ve shown that we know Shopify and Shopify Plus through and through. By helping a number of businesses to tune all of Shopify's possibilities to their specific situation. And by actively collaborating with Shopify to make the platform even more user friendly. Hence, CODE is extremely proud of this quality stamp! And for our clients it’s an extra sign they’ve come to the right place. Feels good, doesn’t it?

Shopify Plus is Shopify’s big brother. An eCommerce solution that grows along with your business, and keeps pace. With the userfriendliness you know from Shopify, plus everything you need to expand sustainably. Is your Shopify webshop ready for the next level? Don’t worry about IT any longer and focus on what you’re good at. CODE and Shopify take care of the rest.

Are you dissatisfied with the software you're using for your existing high-volume webshop? Is it outdated, not responsive to mobile and tablet layouts, or does it have an old-fashioned design? In that case Shopify Plus is a perfect new start. Our experts can convert your online store from Magento, WooCommerce or another platform to a professional Shopify store, in no time. CODE ensures a complete migration of customers, products and everything that goes with it.

How fast would you like to grow?

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