Code presents: the Exact online app for Shopify by Linda Bleijenberg

Code has moved into Shopify apps! A few months back we built our first app, Pickup Points PostNL. This went so well that we decided to set ourselves a bigger challenge with app number 2: a connector between Shopify and the popular accounting software of Exact Online.

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We can practically hear you think: “But guys, such apps surely exist already?” We thought so too, when the people at Gladskin asked us for a connector with Exact Online. So we looked around the Shopify app store for a bit, and couldn’t really find anything that ticked all the boxes on Gladskin’s wish list.

What was still missing

Existing apps can’t automatically generate credit invoices for returns, for instance. They only do sales orders and –invoices. More impractical still is that they don’t ‘print’ (that’s what booking an item is called in Exact Online) a return, which means the accountant has to fix this manually. Is a lot of work of course. You don’t want that. Also, existing apps don’t indicate that an order has come in via a different channel than your webshop.

 If your company, like Gladskin, also sells via or Amazon - or uses the Channable-app to sell products via a range of sales channels - then you’d probably like to see that reflected in Exact Online, including the correct reference numbers. You’re not going to do that manually of course. Is a lot of work. You don’t want that.

What our app does

Exact Online offers quite a lot of subscriptions. We have decided to focus on the Finance and Wholesale Distribution packages. Particularly for the second one we built some extra functionality, such as automatic ‘printing’ of invoices, reconciling payment references (i.e. effectively coupling payments to the corresponding orders), automatic adjustment of inventory if its fulfilment is complete, and multistore functionality (making it possible to combine multiple webshops in a single Exact Online account). Plus of course the things still lacking in existing apps, as we outlined above.

Something for your business? Try it out!

Would you like to give it a go? Check it out for 14 days, with our free trial period. Here’s how it works: install the Exact Online Connector app via your Shopify dashboard. Open the app en couple your Exact Online account. When you’ve done that you will see all the orders placed in your webshop in the last 14 days line up in your Exact Online account.

After that you will have to set up the app by going through all the settings and adjusting them to your situation. It takes quite some configuration upfront, we have to warn you. As a merchant you will have to set up tax rates, for instance. To help you with that we built a live chat function into the app, which means you can drop us your questions immediately.

Particularly in the configuration phase we can imagine you don’t want to wait for help. And we do like to help you out! We learn from it and your feedback can lead to further improvements. So don’t hesitate to push that chat-button, it’s in our interest as well.

Some more functions we will add

We’re pretty proud of this, yes! But that doesn’t mean we’ll sit back of course. At CODE we like tinkering with code, and everything can be improved. What can you expect from us the coming months, in terms of additional features?

- Integration with Shopify POS, Shopify’s point-of-sale system
- Option to add multiple tax rates per country
- Automatic processing of gift cards in Exact Online

Expansion of the import function upon installment: you can import orders from the last 14 days and see straight away how the app processes your administration (so that you don’t have to do the last bit of admin in your old system).

Do you already use the app, or are you planning to do so? Be sure to let us know if you miss something, and we’ll see what we can do. Also, if you’re looking for some other functionality for your Shopify webshop, but don’t have any experts around to build it: give us a call, we might be able to help you out.

Linda Bleijenberg
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Linda Bleijenberg

Code easily writes 100 lines of code every day, but a blog is a different story! So we leave that to Linda Bleijenberg, our copywriter. She lives around the corner and wants to be an IT wizard when she grows up. Until then, she writes blogs about what we at Code are up to.

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