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These are the apps you need

Searching for Shopify apps that really improve your webshop? Look no further! CODE knows where to find what you need. Check out our list of apps that we would recommend anytime.

payment processing


European webshops have to be able to cope with a lot of different payment standards. For this, you use a so-called Payment Service Provider, like Mollie and MultiSafepay (also in this list). Mollie is known for its low iDeal fees, and for its user-friendliness. Simply good! 

Mollie is not in the Shopify Appstore. Check their website for more info and pricing:

payment processing


MultiSafepay offers a considerable number of payment standards in many different languages and currencies, just like Mollie. They have been around a bit longer than Mollie and offer slightly different prices. For one webshop Mollie is better value for money, for the other MultiSafepay. CODE knows which is best for your situation!

MultiSafepay is not in the Shopify Appstore. Check their website for more info:

turn customers into subscribers

Subscriptions by ReCharge

Definitely a trend in eCommerce: webshops selling subscription products. Razorblades, coffee, deodorant, socks... you name it. This asks for a completely different set-up of customer accounts and payment processing. The Subscriptions app by ReCharge has everything you need to get a headstart.

Available in the Shopify Appstore and via



The shipping king of Europe. SendCloud saves you lots of time with their clever tools for delivering your packages. Choose from many shipping services and automate the whole process, from printing shipping labels to sending your customers tracking emails... and a lot more. A must!

Available in the Shopify Appstore, and via

reward your best customers


The best customers are repeat customers, and with LoyaltyLion you give them a good reason to come back! With this app you can quickly set up a rewards program to increase customer loyalty, entirely in sync with your own branding and layout.

Available in the Shopify Appstore, and via

make your reviews work for you


Reviews: how do you make it easier for your clients, and how do you increase their value for your business? JudgeMe offers a string of clever solutions. Let customers review directly from your email reminder, have them add photo and video to appeal to potential customers, and share the best reviews on social media.

Available in the Shopify Appstore, and via

customer service in a fraction of the time


Customers drop their questions through lots of different media. Email, phone, WhatsApp, live chat... It's hard to keep track! What's more, they often have the same questions. Wouldn't it be great if you could automate recurring answers? 

Gorgias solves these two puzzles in one go: your whole client history in one place, including order history, and automatic answers to frequently asked questions. Will save you a lot of time!

Available in the Shopify Appstore, and via

next level Google analytics


Insight is everything. To give your Google analytics and Shopify reports just that little extra push, there is LittleData. With this app you get what Google Analytics normally leaves behind, and presented in such a way that you won't drown in data. 

Available in the Shopify Appstore, and via

drag & drop design

Shogun pagebuilder

No programming skills but high visual standards? The Shogun drag & drop pagebuilder gives you a bit more freedom while designing your homepage, product pages, or blog. Including a number of design templates, to make it even easier for you. 

Available in the Shopify app store, and via

pop-ups... only better!


There are pop-ups... and there is Sleeknote. With this app you can configure your pop-ups completely on brand. Have your visitors subscribe to your newsletter, bring a sale to their attention, and personalize your pop-ups to put the right message before the right customer. All in the same layout as your webshop! 

Sleeknote is not in the Shopify appstore, but definitely worth checking out. See their website for info: