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We are CODE

In the world of IT things are forever in flux! That's why CODE has been moving with the times for 10+ years already. Every once in a while we reinvent ourselves: hence, about 2 years ago we decided to make the switch to Shopify. But some other things we like to keep the same. Our close team of social nerds for instance, and our core values. Knowledge, challenge, quality, and a pleasant working environment!

our ambition

Becoming a big fish in the European Shopify pond

Shopify – a.k.a. the world’s fastest growing, SaaS-powered eCommerce platform - is quite the phenomenon, and CODE is riding its wave! Already booming in the Americas for several years, Shopify is currently picking up momentum in Europe as more and more merchants realize that they can’t ignore a platform this good.

CODE is speeding up along with it, as one of the few Shopify agencies in the EU that can deliver the more complex Shopify webshops, connectors and apps that our clients need. As yet we are the only official Shopify Plus partner in the entire European Union.

But we want more.

At the moment we have two priorities: our frontenders aim to further extend their reputation for beautiful, completely customized storefront layouts, and our backenders can’t wait to introduce themselves to the exciting world of public Shopify apps.

tinkering with Shopify

Frontend and backend wizards

Our frontend team creates custom storefront themes for our client’s Shopify webshops, on a daily basis – and then we keep improving them by continuously pushing the limits of Shopify. If a client wants a responsive product configurator, a fancy ingredient carrousel or extended blog options: that’s where the real fun starts!

Want to have an impression what our frontenders’ work is like? Read this blog with Bianca and Mark!

Meanwhile our backenders build complex custom apps for our clients, using the latest technologies like Google Cloud Platform. We’re basically connecting our clients’ Shopify webshops to all the other software involved in getting their product to their customers: ERP, fulfilment partners, accounting- and inventory management software, you name it.

Want to know what cool tech our backend team works with? Read about it here!

united colours of CODE

Wanted: more social nerds!

Since we started working with Shopify, CODE is growing fast. That is why we are constantly on the lookout for talent. Not just any talent though: we want social nerds. Our team is incredibly diverse, but in this one characteristic we all resemble each other. Developing high-end web products asks for a strong team spirit, so if you bring some social skills besides your technical know-how, we’re interested in having you with us!

What can we offer you in return? A competitive salary (obviously), the possibility of promotion, and most importantly: a relaxed, informal work environment. At CODE we take our work seriously, but our play just as much.

Join us!

Want to be part of the next generation of eCommerce solutions, and work with the latest technologies? Want to spend your working hours in a relaxed, no-nonsense atmosphere with likeminded people? Want to have an immediate impact on a client’s business? CODE is your match!

See our current vacancies here and here.

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