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We are CODE

In the world of IT things are forever in flux! That's why CODE has been moving with the times for 10 years already. Every once in a while we reinvent ourselves: hence, about 2 years ago we decided to make the switch to Shopify. But some other things we like to keep the same. Our close team of social nerds for instance, and our core values. Knowledge, challenge, quality, and a pleasant working environment! 


Knowledge is central at CODE. Everyone contributes to our knowledge culture. But it doesn't stop at just gathering that knowledge. We share, debate and document. This way we make use of everything new and implement it in CODE.


New techniques? A complex problem? Our coders don't think twice about it. The more complications, the better. Bring it on!


CODE writes code. Not just any code, but code the way CODE believes that code should be written. According to the latest standards, search engine-friendly, accessible and as short and compact as possible.


CODE consists of a solid team of social nerds. They enjoy collaborating on challenging projects, share knowledge and help each other where necessary. We work hard. And afterwards we go out for drinks and fun.

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