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Our awesome coders

  • Wouter Monkhorst
    Wouter dreams about steel guitar strings, NASCAR and a home in Canada.

    Wouter Monkhorst


  • Bob Rockland
    Bob dreams about old things such as analog audio and classic Lancia cars, but fortunately did manage to progress from PHP3 to PHP7.

    Bob Rockland


  • Pier Segaar
    Pier dreams about hypertext markup languages, cascading stylesheet elements, hypertext preprocessors and spiky guitars.

    Pier Segaar

    Lead developer

  • Patrick Watzeels
    Patrick dreams about superior black belt queries, fully automatic apps and more carnival than 4 days a year.

    Patrick Watzeels

    Lead developer

  • Martin van Dam
    On his motorbike, he is almost as fast as his fastest SQL query.

    Martin van Dam

    Lead developer

  • Sandra Heskes
    Sandra dreams about an office that manages itself.

    Sandra Heskes

    Office manager

  • Alexander Vis
    Alexander dreams about programming on his racing bike.

    Alexander Vis


  • Mark Rijkelijkhuizen
    Mark wishes he could control his entire life with the power of SCSS

    Mark Rijkelijkhuizen

    Lead frontend developer

  • Melvin Jansen
    Melvin dreams about creating slick looking stuff, on the web, on paper or just anywhere else.

    Melvin Jansen

    Frontend developer

  • Isabelle Hol

    Isabelle Hol

    Frontend developer

  • Bianca Steyn

    Bianca Steyn

    Frontend developer

  • Nigel Brown

    Nigel Brown

    Frontend developer

  • Charise Walraven

    Charise Walraven

    Frontend developer

  • Casper Staallekker

    Casper Staallekker

    Frontend Developer

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