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Enhance your Shopify webshop with bespoke CODE

With a choice for Shopify as your e-commerce solution, you have a good base to start selling quickly. The strength of Shopify is on this simple basis, but it also offers many possibilities for expanding it with custom work. Here we can help you: we connect webshops to external applications or build additional functionality in the webshop itself.

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Connect your webshop

Shopify offers ample opportunities to connect and exchange information. This is a powerful and reliable solution for connecting external systems to Shopify.


Whether it's product information, prices or stock: all kinds of product data can be retrieved from and returned to Shopify. For example, do you include your stock in an external system? We can connect this to Shopify so that the webshop is always up-to-date with newly delivered stock or changed stock by sales outside the webshop.


Sync your orders from Shopify to ERP software or, for example, to a party that fulfills and sends the order. After this we update Shopify with the track & trace code so that the customer can follow their order.


Keep customers up-to-date between your CRM and Shopify. For example, add new customers automatically to your B2B webshop after which they will receive an invitation email to create an account. Changes by these customers themselves will be synced back to your CRM.

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