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Veloretti designs, manufactures and sells quality bikes with a timeless design, for an agreeable price. To make this price possible Veloretti has rigorously shortend the traditional distribution model.They sell their bikes online at, and deliver straight to
the customer by courier, in 27 countries.

From Magento to Shopify in 3,5 weeks

For Veloretti we did a Magento migration, as in our earlier projects for DutchGrown and Serious Watches. When owner Ferry Zonder approached us with the project he had just terminated a Magento 1.9 development process. 

The Magento site was almost finished when the news arrived that Magento would stop offering updates and support for version 1.9. For Veloretti, the announcement meant that, immediately following the delivery of the Magento 1.9 site, they would have to embark on another Magento development project. This time to migrate the 1.9 site to Magento 2, the newest version of Magento, with such a completely different core that upgrading from 1 to 2 actually feels like moving to a new platform.

Zonder wasn’t keen on this at all. He thought Magento way too heavy and not user-friendly, and preferred switching to a platform that suited Veloretti’s requirements. This turned out to be Shopify, and because we at CODE were the only ones prepared to meet his tight deadline, we could have a go at it!

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We are proud of:

the Bike Configurator tool

With this tool clients at the Veloretti site can see what their bike will look like, with the accessories they choose with it. A similar function was in the old Magento design, but we were able to optimize it considerably. The old configurator generated a picture for every possible combination of bike + accessories, meaning that there were around 29.000 pictures to be stored. By cleverly working with layers we made sure you get the same result with only a few hundred pictures. Nice!

"Shopify is seen as a program without much room for tinkering, but the people at CODE know how to stretch its boundaries!"

Ferry Zonder, owner Veloretti

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