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Vanilia designs and produces functional, modern clothes with a touch of luxury for the 21st-century woman. They are sold both online and offline, in a series of beautiful boutique stores.The brand's distinctive style, characterized by an innovative approach to fabrics, has been a staple in Dutch wardrobes for years. As one of very few fashion brands Vanilia owns a considerable part of its own supply chain, including a factory in Cappadocia, Turkey.

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From a false start to a

smoothly running webshop

When Vanilia came to us, they had recently launched a renewed webshop, running on Shopify. Only it didn't run, as such. It wobbled and stumbled, plagued by bugs. Which was precisely what they asked us to remedy.

We decided to build the whole thing anew, to give it a solid base and a fresh start. Since Vanilia is known for its cool, clean graphics, they delivered a design that we meticulously translated into a custom storefront. And since a buggy webshop is the online retailer's worst enemy, we made some haste: the new website went live within 4 weeks!

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Through with bugs and stumbling? Try some smooth running!

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