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The goal

Optimization of processes and raising profit

NYDJ designs and produces pants. With over 2000 direct retailers, NYDJ is one of the largest suppliers. CODE made sure that NYDJ could bring their B2B sales online by building a custom B2B webshop. They also made sure that information streams are more clear to read.
To make this information streams for NYDJ more clear, CODE developed multiple platforms, all of them working together. NYDJ also works with their own back-office system where CODE wrote the connection and synchronisation HUB for.


Never out of stock

Automatic refill of sold products thanks to the EDI connection

Together with NYDJ, CODE developed a system which makes sure that clients of NYDJ never run out of stock again. Every sale will be registred and send daily by EDI message to a by CODE developed system.Every day, every week there will be an automatic placed re-order in the system with the sold products.
By doing this, the client doesn't have to order products in the shop everytime. Instead of that, they order directly from NYDJ. This way the client doesn't have to worry anymore about ordering products.

Never want to sell "no" to your clients again?

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