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Create an attractive webshop with a distinct style

DareWines is a team of enthusiastic wine & food specialists with boundless passion. The combination of top sommeliers and wine experts provides a unique expertise in the field of wine and food, and wine and hospitality management. Together with the designers at Nine Creative Agency we created a webshop for them to fit their distinct image.


  • Shopify setup
  • Customized theme
  • Importing products
  • SEO & SEA


  • Shopify
  • Liquid
  • Facebook
  • Google Adwords


  • Shopify webshop
  • Facebook Advertising Campaign
  • Google Adwords Campaign
Darewines Shopify
Darewines Shopify

Through years of experience at the highest level, at DareWines they know better than anyone how important host- and service orientation are. Their star sommeliers have been distinguished several times with international awards, among them "Most talented sommelier of the Netherlands" and "Best host of Europe". Their specialty is to transfer wine knowledge and skills in a way that is understandable to everyone. They import quality wines from all over the world, with price/quality ratio, versatility and drinkability as important criteria. DareWines is the right partner when it comes to wine, with their distinctive Sommelier Selected Wines.

Together with DareWines, CODE has chosen the stylish Mobilia theme for the Shopify webshop. There was some great material available in their branding, created by design partner Nine Creative Agency. This made it easy to get the right tone for the website design and really give it it's own face.

With projects based on a standard theme, CODE usually aims for speed. We set up the store, do the first theme adjustments like the logo, colours and fonts, and add some products. This will quickly give the client a good impression of what the store will be like. What's more it is a great starting point to help decide what further improvements need to be made.

We helped DareWines with importing the products, adding content, and setting up the store. Together we have determined how to properly present the different wineries and regions.

Getting the store up is just part of the process. Especially for a start-up, online advertising is an important piece of the puzzle to generate traffic (and sales). CODE has helped DareWines set up an online advertising strategy to become a success in the competitive food and drinks market.

Wine crafted to perfection

In addition to a selection of wines handpicked by top sommeliers, DareWines also offers masterclasses and wine tastings. As an extra service, on the website DareWines shares a lot of information about wines and wine producers.

CODE is an excellent partner for DareWines for the production of our website.

Lisette Bruins, DareWines

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