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Who is Charly's?

Charly's is an online boutique selling unique brands of children's clothing, accessories and lifestyle products for kids from 0 to 10 years old. They offer brands with a unique look, beautiful fabrics and high quality.

Migrate the existing webshop from Magento 1.9 to Shopify.

Kim Haver of children's boutique Charly's was looking for an alternative to Magento, the open source webshop platform powering her online boutique. With Magento she had to spend a lot of time on technical problem solving: sudden loss of bandwidth, her email not working, there was always something.

Through an acquaintance she got in touch with CODE, and decided to switch to Shopify. It was important for her to keep the old functionality: customer accounts needed to be imported in full, including the order history. What's more, her old Magento webshop was integrated with several plugins and apps for which there wasn't always a similar Shopify connection available.

CODE offered suggestions for alternatives and, where possible, built custom solutions for Charly's. In addition, we decided to actively approach various agencies, in view of the future and the growing popularity of Shopify in the Netherlands. We contacted the creators of a review-plugin that did not have a Shopify-integration, for instance, and were able to convince them to make one!

The renewed Charly's website is performing marvelously. Kim reports that the site is now so fast that the average order value has grown, as has the total revenue!

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  • Shopify setup
  • Thema customization
  • Data & products import
  • SEO


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I have a very good experience working with CODE. Not only do they have the technical knowledge but they also are great in empathizing what suits the customer.

Kim Haver

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