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CODE specialises in code. Really excellent and reliable code.

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We are CODE

A web development agency specialised in writing excellent and reliable code.

We develop expertly tailored solutions that work. We make your data sing, and then we'll teach you how to do it yourself, via a data manager. Import, share and connect your data through API's, analyse it with custom reporting tools, or publish it on the web. We build the tools that help ease your workflow. Custom built applications, eCommerce solutions and complex websites - all designed to fit your needs.

Software for your business. Our experienced web developers create the tools that streamline your workflow. Running into the limits of the standard software? We build you the application you actually need.

Experience the power of Shopify! Using this ‘software as a service’ (SaaS) solution we build your online store, facilitate content migration, help with SEA and build additional apps to integrate your shop with other systems. We gladly help you get a better conversion and design your store for growth.

Let us solve your challenge! We love making complicated things simple. From connecting the web through API’s to really bringing your content to life. We build custom websites that fit your needs, using the latest web technology.

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