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Optimize your returns journey with the Code Returns App


Just like you, we enjoy hassle-free and efficient online shopping, both before and after checkout. That’s why we developed the Code Returns app to realize a smooth and automatic handling of your Returns & Exchanges. 


Because the returns process touches every part of an e-commerce organization, optimizing these processes adds value fast. With the Code Returns app, we’ll help you to transform the returns process into a reselling opportunity. A swift and easy returns process allows you to extend your relationship with the customer, to collect data and to provide excellent service that puts a smile on your customer’s face. Sounds good, right?

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How the Code Returns app works

The Code Returns app makes the returns journey more efficient and exchanging items more appealing, but it also lowers returns costs and reduces the number of returns. Additionally, the app provides insight into your returns data, which makes it possible to anticipate frequently mentioned reasons for return and, in the end, increase your customer lifetime value. And let’s be honest, that’s what we want, isn't it? 

  1. In the branded app, your customers register their returns themselves. They log in using their order number and ZIP code, and are then presented with four options: exchange for another size, exchange for another color, exchange for another product or simply return it (with a valid reason for return). Your fulfillment partner will then receive a notification of the return and the reason, while the customer receives a return label (either print or online).

  2. As soon as the returned package arrives at your fulfillment partner, the shipment is checked: is it damaged, is it complete, does it smell good ;)? This information is updated in the returns document and sent to the app, where you can process the return within your own Shopify admin environment. Here, all return requests are neatly displayed. The app flags returns in need of some extra TLC (tender, love & care).

  3. During the last step, you quickly and efficiently process returns in Shopify. When the Refund or Exchange order is made, the customer automatically receives a confirmation email. This allows you to process the returns in bulk, which saves up to 90% in man hours!

The pros of the Code Returns app

  • More exchanges, less refunds. Boost your sales by making (free) exchanges simple and interesting, making your customer want to stick around. This way, returns become a reselling opportunity!

  • The stress that normally comes with the handling of holiday returns won’t get you down this year! A central Returns and Exchange processing system, which is available with a simple keystroke in the Shopify admin, can save you up to 90% in man-hours spent on returns;

  • Because of the integration with Aftership, your customers will be proactively informed about their returns status (via email), drastically lowering the amount of phone calls made to the helpdesk, making your customer service reps available for actual problems;

  • The Code Returns app can integrate with your favorite 3LP/Fulfilment partners, such as Active Ants, shipping partners like Transsmart (Unifaun) and Warehouse Management Systems;

  • When the return period has expired, customers are no longer able to register the return: simple and clear; 
  • Shopify’s central online returns registration provides real-time insights into which products come back more often than others and why;

  • The app allows you to set up local return policies for different regions, like return fees or not offering returns at all;

  • A recipe for nothing but happy clients: you have a live connection to your stock, so that you can be sure that you can actually deliver what you offer in exchange. And, if you’re using the Code Returns app in combination with our Fulfillment Service Connector, this dynamic duo will provide two-way comms with Shopify and reserves an article as soon as the exchange is registered;

  • The possibility to make returns happen without the use of a printer. Let’s get to that paperless future, people!

  • The app’s branding can be completely adapted to your brand. Our app, your style.

User friendly and efficient returns process for MR MARVIS

As MR MARVIS is continually innovating its customer experience, they viewed the returns process as a chance: Carl: “At some point we started wondering: how much is this costing us anyways? ‘A lot!’ was the answer. That’s where Code’s Returns app came in handy. The app automates the whole process, which makes it more easy and fun for our customers, but at the same time more cost-efficient for us. That’s easy math.

”We’re well over a year into MR MARVIS using the Code Returns app and Carl reports: “It works like a charm! The Code Returns app is now deployed in eight countries and realizes a 70% to 90% drop in man hours spent on returns.”



Book a demo & transform your returns process

Is processing returns causing your customer service reps stress? Does it take time they don’t have? Do you want to lower the threshold for returns and stimulate exchanges? Would you like to adjust the returns fees per country? Or do you want to learn from your returns and use this information to improve your service and offering? Then, the Code Returns app is for you! 


After all the good that the app has done for MR MARVIS, we are currently also onboarding clients like MUD Jeans and Josephine & Co. Would you like to join in the returns fun? We would love to help you out with connecting the Code Returns app for you. And if we have already integrated your 3PL, like Active Ants for instance, before, onboarding for the app will only take a couple of days. 

“ The Code Returns app could be your biggest asset this holiday season to stimulate exchanges and efficiently process returns. Our team is happy to give you a live demo. Talk soon! “

Wouter Monckhorst CEO, Code