The perfect shorts brand from Amsterdam

Although you'd expect that the perfect shorts would arise from the Mediterranean, or a tropical archipelago, they just didn't. MR MARVIS HQ is situated at Herengracht – Gentleman's Canal – in the heart of style-minded Amsterdam: The Nine Streets. MR MARVIS shorts combine the ultimate fit with iconic style.




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MR MARVIS webshop on Shopify Plus

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Create a new webshop that will support MR MARVIS in its growth.

After a really successful first year (2016) MR MARVIS needed to grow with their succes and asked Code to build their Shopify Webshop version 2.0 to scale up their business. We helped them with a complete overhaul of the store and implementation of a new and highly customized theme. We made a lot of improvements in design and functionality, connected them to fulfilment and automated lots of tasks. We delivered all their requests on time which enabled MR MARVIS to kick off the season with a brand new store.

Next step is expansion of the MR MARVIS empire to other countries!

MR MARVIS webshop on Shopify Plus

MR MARVIS has outgrown their previous shop. Since they were using Shopify they were already on the right platform, but the theme they were using could use some improvemenents. The overall look was getting a bit outdated, and they wanted to make improvements on their mobile presentation.

The site is based on a highly customized Retina theme. With the clients own design as a basis we have finetuned the theme together into a stylish site that works well on all devices. Examples of the custom functionality we created specifically for MR MARVIS include the lookbook and the menu with direct access to all the products.

To bring everything together the client joined us in the office for two SCRUM sessions. During these sessions we were working together closely to fill in all the details and come to a great end result.

MR MARVIS webshop on Shopify Plus
MR MARVIS webshop on Shopify Plus
MR MARVIS webshop on Shopify Plus
MR MARVIS webshop on Shopify Plus

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