Case: Filling Pieces on Shopify Plus

Custom fulfillment connector for Filling Pieces

Back in 2009 those were hard to find. That is why architecture student Guillaume Philibert resorted to designing them himself. The rest is history: his Amsterdam-based brand Filling Pieces has become a trendsetter. Recently the brand added a whole new chapter to their sucess story. Since the summer of 2018 Filling Pieces not only sells sneakers, but also a very popular ready-to-wear collection.


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Case: Filling Pieces on Shopify Plus

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celebrate a new product with a completely refreshed custom webshop

Our collaboration with Filling Pieces started early 2018, when they approached Code to build a connector between their Shopify webshop and their warehouse. The result pleased them so much (see also below) that they quickly gave us another nice challenge.

In 2018 Filling Pieces decided to launch a collection of high-end, ready-to-wear apparel. To celebrate this new product line they asked us to build a completely new webshop on the Shopify platform. Because of the large order volume they went with Shopify Plus, the enterprise version of Shopify, with some extra functionality.

Of course every self-respecting design brand has high standards when it comes to layout, so they handed us a custom design for us to work with.

But it does not end there with Filling Pieces! At Code we are impressed with the professionalism at this brand: they are continually working on offers, sales, and keeping their website up-to-date. To give an example: for the twice yearly sale they close down the whole Filling Pieces webshop and start a countdown, until the big sale kicks off and the reduced-price articles are sold out in no time. Quite the spectacle, we can tell you!

Case: Filling Pieces on Shopify Plus

The connector with Promese

Filling Pieces approached us in 2018 with the question if we could connect their Shopify webshop to their Dutch fulfilment partner Promese. With a sales volume like that of Filling Pieces it is crucial to keep the error margin as small as possible. If things go wrong too often, it will cause Filling Pieces a lot of extra work and, in the end, unhappy customers.

A nice challenge for us! We build the connector in such a way that everything is checked twice, including at night. That way we were able to reach an error margin of 1 in 1.000.

Case: Filling Pieces on Shopify Plus
Case: Filling Pieces on Shopify Plus
Case: Filling Pieces on Shopify Plus
Case: Filling Pieces on Shopify Plus

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