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Shopify in full bloom: the bloomon case

What makes a winning bouquet? Florists will say it’s how the various elements come together to create a beautifully balanced whole. The same holds when making winning Shopify stores, like bloomon’s. “Working with Code was nicely balanced,” says Lars Ackerman, product owner at bloomon, a leading Dutch online florist active in five countries across Europe. “Each side brought expert knowledge to the table to achieve the best results, and it often even felt like we were actually working with colleagues from the same company.”




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The work in question stemmed from bloomon’s evolving business model. Already a successful subscription-based online flower retailer, operating on a self-built webshop platform, the company also stepped into the flower gifting and one-off markets, requiring a more traditional e-commerce model. “To serve our customers in the flower gifting market required a technical solution, a different e-commerce platform, and Shopify proved the best fit for us,” Lars confirms, citing as an example Shopify’s fine line of third-party apps, like ‘Sendcloud’, which allows for easy integration of deliveries among a host of carriers, a veritable must for companies reliant on timely deliveries of their products.
Bloomon webshop on Shopify | Code

Make it personal

Increasingly complex business approaches require increasingly complex and customized solutions, and “it was at this point that Code entered the building,” Lars recounts. “Code’s experience with Shopify…their knowledge, capacity and resources helped us overcome any platform limitations or restrictions and ultimately do what we wanted to do with Shopify.”

An early project challenge was finding the right customer flow for the multi-step ordering process. For fresh flowers and gifts, availability and deliverability are key, as is monitoring and managing daily stock flows. Code rolled up its proverbial sleeves and developed a customized user interface for the store’s order flow. Lars: “The vital delivery moment - the day to deliver - is selectable and occurs early in the order funnel, compared to most other websites, as early as the second step. This is because we want our customers to know early in the funnel whether their desired products are in stock and the desired delivery dates available. Code built a customized solution for this.”


Bloomon customers have the option of writing personal messages on cards that are then sent together with their purchased floral bouquets or dried flower arrangements. “Suddenly a product becomes a unique product, because every personally written message is different of course,” Lars says. “We provide a field where our customers can write their messages, but that field isn’t native to Shopify, so Code also built that for us.”

Bloomon webshop on Shopify | Code

Smelling of roses!

Customers can also purchase vases that are specially designed to hold a particular bouquet. “These add-ons in the order process, the personalized cards and vases, were particularly challenging to create,” says Astrid Bos, the Code project manager overseeing the project. “Because bloomon bouquets are designed for specific vases, they don’t want to simply offer stand-alone vases in their store: instead, they suggest vases that match the bouquet choice. Consequently, vases shouldn’t be shown on a collection page, so we had to account for the fact that they behave differently than the flowers in the ordering process.”

When considering how to take its Shopify store to the next level, bloomon, a company with plenty of technical know-how in-house, focused on efficiency. “If we had to do this ourselves, without Code, we’d need technical possibility validation for every step before taking decisions,” Lars explains. “But with Code onboard, their expertise in Shopify helped us quickly find solutions, pointed us in good directions and opened our eyes to new possibilities.” With such goodwill abounding, one might even conclude by saying that from this challenging project, both bloomon and Code came up smelling of roses!

Bloomon webshop on Shopify | Code
Bloomon webshop on Shopify | Code

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